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5 Hidden Causes of Memory Loss

5 Hidden Causes of Memory Loss
January 17
04:36 2017

(HealthierTALK) — After generations of having to simply wait and see who would become a victim of dementia, research is finally identifying some of the main culprits behind this devastating disorder. Not surprisingly, diet plays a big roll, as does exercise – both physical and mental.

But it turns out there are also some unusual causes of memory loss that are beginning to emerge as well. If you want to protect your precious memories—and to stay independent into your 80s, 90s and beyond—following are five unexpected memory thieves you need to know about.

1. Over-active bladder medications:

As we age it’s not unusual for our personal plumbing to get a little leaky. Many folks turn to drugs to treat their over-active bladder. But it turns out that could be a mistake that ends up costing you your mind. Some prescription and over the counter bladder medications have been shown to create symptoms of dementia in otherwise healthy adults. And we’re not just talking about minor memory burps here. These drugs may accelerate brain aging by up to 10 years, according to one study. The good news, though, is that going off of them may reverse the symptoms. Talk with your doctor about dropping the bladder meds and try diet changes and Kegel exercises instead.

2. Copper:

It’s easy to overlook copper as a potential cause for your memory loss. After all, practically no one gets too much copper through the foods they’re eating. But it turns out you could be getting too much copper through your water supply. And it doesn’t take huge amounts of this trace mineral, which can accumulate in your body over time, to trigger dementia symptoms. It’s especially important to check your copper levels if your home still has copper pipes. And invest in a good water filter to make sure your levels stay low.

3. Sleeping on your back:

According to research published in the Journal of Neuroscience, how you spend your nights can affect your memory. When you sleep your lymph system has a chance to remove waste and toxins from your brain. But it turns out sleeping on your back or stomach could be disrupting your lymph flow, so not all the toxins get flushed out of your system. As those toxins build up they can begin to cause dementia symptoms. Luckily the fix is simple. Roll over onto one side or the other to support your lymph system and keep everything flowing smoothly.

4. Traffic:

Believe it or not, it turns out living next to a street with heavy traffic is linked to memory loss. In a study out of Canada researchers found that people living closer to heavy traffic had a significantly increased risk of developing dementia compared to people who lived farther away, or in rural areas. Researchers aren’t ready to say if it’s the noise, the pollution, or some other factor, that’s raising folk’s risk. But you can start making a few changes in the meantime. If you live on a busy street and can’t move look for ways to reduce your exposure to noise and work on improving the air quality in your home by changing air filters, using an air purifier and adopting plenty of house plants.

5. Not taking care of your teeth:

Good oral hygiene could be the key to keeping your brain fit as you age. Research has linked oral bacteria called porphyromonas gingivalis to dementia. The bacteria sneaks into your blood stream, hitching a ride to your brain where it begins killing off neurons. Be sure to brush after every meal and see your dentist regularly.

Continue to protect your brain with a healthy diet and plenty of physical and mental exercise, but don’t overlook these other hidden memory thieves. Avoiding these unexpected dementia triggers could help you hold on to your memories and independence for many years to come.


Beware these 5 hidden causes of memory loss

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