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Diabetes Linked to Bone Breaks

Diabetes Linked to Bone Breaks
January 13
10:46 2017

(HR) — Think you know all the risks?

Think again, my friend — because new research finds one common risk facing diabetics is even WORSE than anyone had ever guessed.

And ladies, this one’s aimed squarely at you.

You’ve already got a higher risk of weaker, thinner bone, especially as you get older… and that risk jumps again once diabetes enters the picture.

It’s not just a little higher, either.

If you’ve got diabetes, your risk of a bone break is nearly TWICE as high as what doctors had thought!

The longer you have the disease, the higher your risk of a bone snap — and after 10 years, the risk of a major osteoporotic fracture jumps by as much as 47 percent.

Think that’s bad?

This gets even worse!

Any bone break is bad news. But the worst of the lot is a broken hip — because that’s the kind of injury that can rob you of your mobility and steal your independence.

These breaks can even increase your risk of death.

The moment you get diabetes, your risk of a devastating hip break jumps by a third. And if you’ve been living with this disease for a decade or more, that risk more than doubles.

Now, it’s one thing to KNOW the risk. It’s quite another to DO SOMETHING about it.

When you’ve got diabetes, it’s easy to feel pretty powerless against all the risks you’re facing.

Even if you can get a handle on one, there are dozens of others creeping up on you.

It’s literally a head-to-toe disease, increasing the risk amputations in the foot… heart problems in your chest… and dementia in your brain.

Next to all that, a bone break might seem minor!

But these things are, in many cases, all related… and they often come down to two main causes.

One is high blood sugar, which causes damage nearly everywhere in your body.

The other is diabetes medication, which can cause at least as many problems as they attempt to fix.

Metformin, for example, can sap you of several key nutrients, including vitamin B12. Low B12 can weaken bone — especially in older women — and that may be one of the reasons for the risks uncovered in the new study.

That means you can solve all of these problems at once.

Eliminate most carbs — especially sugars and grains — and stick to a sensible Mediterranean diet. Combined with other natural therapies, you can bring blood sugar under control and reduce or even eliminate the need for drugs such as metformin.

Of course, you can’t mess with meds on your own, so be sure to work closely with a skilled holistic doctor.


Diabetes linked to bone breaks

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