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Read This Before Getting that Flu Shot

Read This Before Getting that Flu Shot
January 31
08:18 2017

(HSI) — Every fall and winter season, we’re sure to hear the media yammer on about the same two things.

One, it’s a deadly flu season, “the worst” ever. And two, it’s not too late to get that flu shot.

It’s like always catching a rerun of the same episode of I Love Lucy when you turn on the TV!

In fact, right up to the last gasp of “flu season,” they’ll keep telling you to get it — no matter how long that supposed season may last.

San Diego residents, for example, are being told it will stretch into June!

Of course, figuring out the actual number of true flu cases is next to impossible, since most people never even get tested to see if they genuinely have the flu — but that won’t stop the hysteria one bit. The influenza vaccine is the Golden Calf of mainstream medicine.

Dare to tarnish it, and you’re in big trouble.

And that’s exactly what happened to one doctor in Ohio.

It’s quite clear — no matter who you are or what your status is, never, ever question the flu shot if you’re not ready to face the repercussions.

But, of course, if there ever was a vaccine that needed to be challenged, it’s the one for the flu.

Truth and consequences

Dr. Daniel Neides isn’t just your average family physician. He happens to be the Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.The attack on this accomplished health expert is so big, even his use of the word “toxins” has been condemned.

He’s been accused of “fear mongering.” His colleagues have called for him to be disciplined immediately for spreading such “dangerous information.” So what exactly is this public threat that Dr. Neides supposedly poses?

He started off his column, which appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, by saying that he’s had it with “all the nonsense” Americans are being fed while “big business — and the government — continue to ignore” the health of citizens.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Dr. Neides then went so far as to support his opinion with some honest-to-goodness, verifiable facts.

Dr. Neides also revealed how some flu vaccines contain a risky dose of mercury and that the “preservative-free” versions contain formaldehyde, which all add up to a “constant toxic burden.”

In a nutshell, he told the truth.

Despite the fact that he went on to say that he believes vaccines “can be helpful when used properly,” he was forced to publicly apologize. The Cleveland Clinic vowed to punish him for doing exactly what a doctor is supposed to do — give his best advice and expert opinion.

Well, I’m not afraid of sharing the truth with you, and I’m pretty sure I won’t get punished for it by my publisher. So, let me add a few extra factoids that Dr. Neides didn’t get the chance to say about the flu and the vaccines for it that are supposed to keep us all safe and sound:

  • When you hear news reports about the thousands who die from the flu every year (especially seniors), they’re nothing more than wild guesses. Even the CDC admits that it “does not know” how many deaths are due to influenza — or even how many cases there are.
  • There are more settlements out of the federal “vaccine court” for flu shots than any other vaccine. And the top injury is a devastating side effect called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), in which your immune system attacks your nerves, paralyzing your entire body.
  • The Fluzone High-Dose shot that seniors are being frightened into getting has reported side effects that include life-threatening allergic reactions, enlarged lymph nodes, GBS, and convulsions.

And if you still think that risking those side effects is a gamble you have to take to steer clear of the flu, there’s something else you should hear. Some very big studies done over a 40-year time span found that these shots only give “moderate protection” — and that’s only when the vaccine is especially effective.

This year’s vaccine, however, isn’t even very useful at protecting against the main virus that’s circulating, called H3N2.

The best defense against the flu and other winter illnesses is to keep your immune system in fighting shape. That means loading up on probiotics and zinc, along with foods such as coconut oil (which is high in lauric acid that is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral), raw honey (a treat that’s loaded with some amazing antioxidants), and even the spice cinnamon (which is a powerful anti-inflammatory).

And the next time you see one of those dire flu headlines, remember another “dangerous” thing that Dr. Neides said: “Blind faith must become a thing of the past.”

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