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Stress Hormones Linked to Weight Gain

Stress Hormones Linked to Weight Gain
March 13
12:46 2017

(Health Revelations) — I’ll bet you have some friends who seem like they were born with the metabolism of a lion.

Doesn’t seem to matter how much they eat, they stay lean and fit.

Most of us aren’t so lucky. Sometimes, it seems like we’re stuck with the metabolism of a hippo!

It hardly seems fair.

Now, the latest research reveals the secret to transforming yourself from a hippo into a lion — a simple trick that can help you BURN calories faster, FEEL more energetic, and LOSE weight effortlessly.

That’s because this study reveals the difference between you and your friend with the red-hot metabolism.

It’s not luck… it’s not diet… and it’s not exercise. It’s not even good genes!

While all those things can certainly help, the new study finds the REAL reason so many folks gain weight easily and struggle to lose it.


The more of it you have, and the longer you’ve had it, the more likely you’ll gain weight.

The higher your levels of the “stress hormone” cortisol, the more likely you’ll be overweight or obese, with a bigger waistline and a higher BMI, according to the study of some 2,500 older men and women.

What makes this study so groundbreaking is that the researchers used a newer test for cortisol. Instead of looking at blood or urine, which only show how much cortisol is circulating right now, they used hair samples.

Hair follicles can show cortisol levels going back months, giving a much better picture of long-term stress and chronic stress.

The study also looked at long-term obesity, and found an even clearer connection to stress: The more of it you have, the more likely you will have been battling your waistline for at least four years.

So, the key to controlling your weight and getting your metabolism back on track is simple: Fight stress.

And that’s GOOD news, because it’s a whole lot easier than you think.

The answer is inside your adrenal glands, which crank out cortisol in response to stress.

For too many folks, the daily stress of modern living causes the adrenals to pump out cortisol constantly, leading to chronically high levels similar to what was revealed in the new study.

If they keep at it, they’ll wear down and burn out.

But there’s one simple way to give your adrenals the healthy support they need. It’s an herbal remedy that’s been used in India for centuries called ashwagandha, but this isn’t folk medicine.

Modern science shows this is the real deal, able to cut stress and reduce levels of cortisol.

I was so impressed by the research backing ashwagandha that I developed an all-natural adrenal support formula called Adrenal Performance Plus. Along with cortisol-lowering ashwagandha, every easy-to-swallow capsule is also packed with a powerful blend of proven stress-fighting nutrients.

Together, these natural remedies can help ease stress, relieve fatigue, boost energy and even help clear the cobwebs out of your mind.


Stress hormones linked to weight gain

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