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The Calcium Cure

The Calcium Cure
March 27
12:41 2017

(PersonalLiberty) – One of the great illusions of our time is that we live in a civilized world. This implies that we have risen above witchcraft and voodoo. We live in a time when giant, multi-billion dollar industries get their profits based on the perpetuation of pure myths. These myths are jealously protected as if they were patents. They allow no infringements.

The health revolution has been stolen. The pharmaceuticals have a master plan. They have seized upon a paradigm shift to health awareness and completely reversed it in favor of the drug cartels. Most people now believe that drugs are the real cures and essential nutrients, upon which health is built, are worthless.

They manufacture worthless placebos by the ton and distribute them at unbelievable profits. And when they sell you nutrients, they do so in such a wrongheaded manner that the body fails and disease ensues, as they well know, guaranteeing a return of the masses to prescribed drugs.

This cynicism has no equal.

Let’s look at calcium as an example. Did you know that more calcium is sold in America than any other food supplement? There is more calcium in the human body than all the other minerals in the body put together, hence the very great need.

Yet calcium is assimilated less than most supplements simply because it is sold in unassimilatable form. The American diet is more lacking in calcium than any other essential food, which is why all the processed foods are “fortified” with it, albeit the wrong form.

Many merchandisers capitalize on the very high volume sales of calcium to sell worthless products. Big pharmaceuticals formulate and mass market calcium supplements combined with toxic chemical metals as an aid to “acid indigestion.” This market has been pounded so hard by advertising and so-called “education” that almost everyone equates the use of calcium supplements as an aid to an over acidic stomach. This is a false approach to the symptom of over acidity or heartburn.

The symptom of over acidity is a syndrome of the lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach with the exception of the presence of an ulcer.

But what I want you to know today is that calcium deficiency is a general and widespread causative factor in degenerative disease. This list includes cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, allergies, gallstones, asthma and a host of ailments, not the least of which is the common cold and flu.

Calcium deficiency is directly related to the disease of aging. Osteoporosis is not a disease of aging. It is a disease of calcium deficiency.

Calcium is also essential to the nervous system and a great relaxer.

The pharmaceuticals know that most calcium supplements are worthless because the human body cannot assimilate them. Calcium is not always calcium as far as humans are concerned.

Calcium depletion of the bones parallels aging. If the process of calcium depletion can be slowed down, it follows that youth can possibly be extended.

Natural sunlight through the eyes and on the skin produces vitamin D which helps with and is necessary to the ionization of calcium. Now you understand the push by mainstream medicine to tell everyone to avoid the sun. If people were to get sufficient sunlight and take the right kind of calcium, the truth of the worthlessness of their drugs would be exposed.

If there is no exposure to sunshine, vitamin D must be taken through cod liver oil or vitamin D supplements which also must be in a form easily utilized by the body. Lack of ultraviolet sunlight to synthesize vitamin D makes the absorption of calcium one of the most difficult tasks for the body.

In the book The Calcium Factor by Robert Barefoot and Dr. Carl Reich we read: “It was not until the early 1970’s that Dr. Reich further discovered that the acidic state of saliva was an outstanding manifestation of calcium ion deficiency. This was extremely important as it meant that by simply measuring the pH of the saliva with inexpensive litmus paper, a three second test, the basic state of health of the patient, in reference to calcium ion deficiency, could be determined. He found that when a patient was non-deficient in calcium and healthy, the pH of the saliva was slightly alkaline at 7.5 to the neutral 7.0, and the body excretions tended to be acidic. But when the patient was ionic calcium deficient, the salivary pH was acidic, from 6.4 to 4.6, and the body excretions tended to be alkaline … After only a few weeks to months of dietary changes along with vitamin and mineral supplements, he noted that the saliva pH would slowly rise up to 7.0, and the physical impairments would dramatically improve or be eliminated.”

Saliva pH is important because saliva has a common denominator with all other body fluids. Litmus paper for measuring the pH of the saliva can be bought at any good pharmacy.

Calcium deposits of any kind are a direct result of calcium deficiency, not out of over consumption of calcium. Ironically this creates an unfounded fear of increasing calcium consumption and most doctors will recommend that patients avoid calcium consumption. This only serves to aggravate the calcium deficiency further.

Alzheimer’s disease has been associated with aluminum-calcium accumulation in the brain. Again this stems from a calcium deficiency which pulls calcium out of the bones and over deposits it elsewhere in the body.

To clean calcium deposits, especially from the arteries, and redistribute it where it belongs, simply use the MK-7 form of vitamin K2. It works like a calcium taxi service, moving calcium out of your arteries and putting it where it should have stayed in the first place, your bones. If you would like to use the same supplement that I use to maintain my heart health, you can get it at the bottom of this page.

One very important fact about calcium that is generally unknown is the fact that adequately distributed calcium helps develop resistance to chronic and recurrent infection. When I see nationwide epidemics of flu and colds, I think that millions of people have a calcium deficiency. But of course this is too simple and too cheap and doesn’t play into the hands of Big Pharma.

What kind of calcium do you need? The straightforward answer is calcium lactate. Calcium lactate is easily ionized. It changes quickly to calcium bicarbonate and goes right into the blood. Calcium bicarbonate is an ionized mineral which is utilized in the tissue. To ionize is to give an electrical charge.

Calcium lactate is balanced with magnesium. It gives the body strong support against infections, muscle cramps, coughing, insomnia, osteoporosis and initiates tissue repair. If you intend to exercise at all, you need bioavailable calcium for repair and regeneration.

Calcium lactate comes in tablets but will quickly dissolve in water making it easy to consume adequate amounts daily. Don’t leave home without it.


The calcium cure

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